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The sun darkens. Vampires grow fat on the blood of elders. The Sabbat and the Camarilla clash in the cradles of civilization. Ancients from before the Flood rise, and they call childer to their side.

 Fights spill from boardrooms to streets as vitae spills to the earth. Now is the time of monsters.

 Who will end as masters? Who will be blood for the ticks?

Vampire: Gehenna Wars is a short tabletop wargame for short skirmishes between coteries. It uses four miniatures, minimal terrain and table space, and is designed to facilitate elegant lightning-fast brawls between opposing coteries. 

This game is a part of World of Darkness Unbound program. Events portrayed in this game are not canon within World of Darkness universe


OPR Game Jam 5 - Vampire - Genenna Wars - Panicmolt - v2.pdf 878 kB

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